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Snow & Ice Management Vancouver

If you are looking for residential or commercial snow removal and ice removal services in Vancouver, BC, EXO Contracting is here to help. Our team provides professional snow shoveling, snow plowing, snow blowing, and de-icing in Burnaby, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Richmond, BC's surrounding areas in the times that you don't want to.

Schedule a consult

We’re on call, all winter long.

We begin snow removal with an initial evaluation in Vancouver. A member of our team will meet with you in the warmer months to map out your location; ensuring that any obstacles such as curbs, gardens, and any other fixtures that may be hidden under a blanket of snow are marked accordingly.

Weather Monitoring

Our team is constantly monitoring meteorological data in your area so we can anticipate when you’ll need snow removal service.

On Standby

We’re always on the ready. When winter decides to make its presence known with little to no warning, rest assured that our team and equipment are ready and waiting.


We regularly calibrate our equipment by monitoring dew points and temperature of the asphalt surrounding your area. This helps us avoid over-salting and operate efficiently.

Equipment Monitoring

We take snow removal seriously, which is why we use GPS to track all our equipment and make sure the job is being done, and done well.

Parking Lots, Service Roads, Driveways & More

Our aresenal of fast and efficient plows and snow equipment help us in Vancouver, Burnaby, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Richmond, BC to quickly and safely clear parking lots, sidewalks, service roads, and driveways during even the most extreme winter weather events.

Winter De-Icing

Our fast and efficient wide-area granular de-icer in Vancouver is perfect for parking lots and drive lanes immediately after plowing ops, or before the freezing temperatures arrive.

Our operators can dismount the plowing vehicle, and quickly extend a handheld spray gun to apply a superior liquid de-icer (23.5% brine solution) to sidewalks, walkways, and store entry pads, minimizing the possibility for slips and trips in cold and icy conditions in pedestrian areas.

Vancouver Snow Removal – Are you looking for same-day residential and commercial snow removal services in Vancouver/ Surrey/ Delta/ Abbotsford/ Chilliwack, and Richmond, BC? Call now: (604) 219-7338.