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Exo Contracting offers reliable and prompt snow removal Burnaby business owners and residents can make a service call to have their property cleared of snow. In addition, to clearing walkways, roads, and pathways, there are many more reasons to have snow removal services. Having a snow removal job by a professional can ensure that you are doing your due diligence in keeping your area of home and business safe for not only you, your family members or employees, but also common pedestrians as they wander through the area.

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With winter weather, commuting around the region- even as close as your own neighbourhood can be challenging. Although the Lower Mainland does not experience the same level of snowfall compared to its Central and Eastern counterparts, the times it does receive snow can make it a challenge to navigate whether you are going to work, attending school, or even out running errands. Although the municipalities in Metro Vancouver try their level best to prepare for the frosty weather conditions, oftentimes, residents can be found complaining about the delay in snow removal. Burnaby residents can now rest assured knowing that they can rely on their local snow removal company in Burnaby for a safe time.

With that, safety is the first and top priority when it comes to bad weather and visibility. Having a cleared property is important for the safety and security of everyone. Ice and snow can accumulate and build conditions for slippery surfaces and can be a tripping and falling hazard. As a property owner, it is your legal responsibility to clear your property and ensure it is safe for ongoers passing by. If somebody trips and falls and sustains an injury, you can be highly liable for it. A professional snow removal company in Burnaby can clear the area quickly and efficiently with the help of advanced machinery and vehicles saving you much time and providing peace of mind that everyone on your premises is safe.


When left for extended periods of time in its solid form and not melting away, snow buildup can cause the surrounding ground and vegetation to be affected. The grass and plants may freeze and become damaged or die along with the excess water in the area may overflood plants and even damage the concrete pavement of the walkway or road causing cracks and miniature potholes. In addition, ice caused by snowfall can also cause havoc for your vehicles in your driveway or curb causing slipping and sliding conditions or even becoming a challenge for your vehicle to move or back out on the exact spot it may be parked.

It is advisable to have snow removal taken care of before it accumulates and becomes a liability. As your snow removal experts, we provide residential and commercial snow removal in Burnaby, Vancouver, and throughout the Lower Mainland. Talk to us today and book your next snow clearing with us and stay safe!

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