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Winter De-icing

It is critical to contract a professional de-icing service during the winter season. Everyone knows the slippery conditions and how difficult it can be to access your business or residence. Hiring a professional de-icing service ensures not only that they can anticipate treacherous conditions but also signals that you can still receive visitors, are still open for business, and are operational.

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Managing Snow and Ice

In this part of the world, snow will fall, and ice will form. Some years are worse than others. Many times, it arrives with little or no warning. You can wake up and discover you are snowed in. Then there’s the danger of commuting on treacherous roads. If you don’t stay ahead of your snow removal and ice control, you may ask for trouble.

Weather Monitoring

We monitor meteorological data in your area, anticipating your need for snow and ice removal.

On Standby

We’re always ready. When the storm hits, our team is ready to go.


We calibrate our equipment. By monitoring the dew points and temperature of the asphalt in your area, we make sure we have the proper amount of salt so we can operate efficiently.

Equipment Monitoring

We know where our equipment is at all times. Monitoring with GPS makes sure that we know where it is and what it’s doing.

Our De-icing Service

Our team can handle all your de-icing and snow removal needs regardless of its extent. From trucks to plows and shovels, we’ll size it up and get it done, so you don’t have to wake up or arrive at work wondering how you are going to get through the day. Our operators know when to apply a superior liquid de-icer or pull out a snow shovel to get the job done well.

The best thing we can do is be there when you need us. Whether residential or commercial, when the storm hits, we’re there for you. Whether you need to clear a parking lot, a sidewalk, a service road, or a driveway, our fast and efficient plows and snow equipment allow us to handle even the most severe weather events.


All Season De-icing Service

The best time for us to evaluate your property for snow and ice removal is during those months when there is no snow and ice. Mapping out your location ensures that any and all features, fixtures, gardens, curbs, fire hydrants and AC units, and any other obstacles are identified and marked.

One of the most important aspects of our service is our ability to evaluate weather conditions so that we are ready to respond before the storm hits. It is also important that we know how to prioritize areas of your property and place of business to be treated. This helps us ensure the safety of our team and the public. Show that you are navigable and ready to receive guests or customers.

Exo Contracting is the Right Choice

Contact Exo Contractors for your junk removal project. You’ll notice our competitive rates, but that will never reflect on our lightning-fast service and eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to the Greater Vancouver area is reflected in our 5-star rating with companies over major networks like Google Business, Facebook, and Yelp. Exo Contractors are locally owned and operated.

Our services include excavation, trucking, snow and ice removal, bin rental, junk removal, and demolition.