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Professional Plow Service

Throughout the winter, homeowners and businesses can face challenges clearing snow and ice from their properties, such as side streets, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. Hiring a professional plow service is important for safety and ongoing business.

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Leave Snow Plowing to the Professionals

A professional snow removal service like Exo Contractors understands the importance of maintaining a safe and accessible property that is 100% liability-free. Our plow operators know what is needed to protect your family members, customers, and clients, from the risks of navigating snowy and icy conditions.

Weather Monitoring

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Equipment Monitoring

Our Process

The best process is a proactive approach. During winter, we monitor conditions and stay on top of evolving weather conditions. Whenever possible, we start with an onsite evaluation. This is ideally done during snow-free months. We map out your property to determine the possible hazards and those areas that can be damaged ahead of time. This allows our team to prioritize areas to be cleared, ensuring the safety of everyone that could be affected.

There are several important aspects to our process. Monitoring conditions is always important to avoid waiting until the last minute. Also, we seek to plow when it is most convenient for you; this means during times when plowing isn’t interfering with parking. Walkways are another important part of our snow removal service. Someone may make it out of your parking lot, but they still need to navigate into your premises. Snow hauling/removal is also part of our service when required. When the snow is dealt with, we target icy spots and apply salt, calcium chloride, and sand where needed.


Our Professional Plow Service

Our team of professionals keeps close tabs on evolving conditions and reacts proactively. Our team is ready to tackle even the worst winter storms with our fleet of fast and efficient snowplow trucks, heavy plowing equipment, bobcats, snow blowers, and snow shovels, along with our experienced snowplow operators and their support crews.

Our reliable plowing service is efficient and reliable. We can clear a parking lot or driveway with minimal disruption to your business or residential property and without damaging the surface.

There are key benefits to choosing us for your professional plow service. A cold winter storm morning is no time to DIY it. This is our job, and we’re experts with the right equipment. We will do the job in a fraction of the time it takes for you to shovel it yourself. We have the tools and experience for high-quality results. Results that include the safety of family, employees, and customers.

Exo Contracting is the Right Choice

We have the best plow operators. Our professionalism and years of experience are the most important differences between our service and others. We’re a great team dedicated to quality and reliability, working 24/7. We always think about safety and are committed to yours, your family’s, your staff’s, and your customer’s.

Hire Exo Contractors and take the worry out of winter storms for your home and business.