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As Vancouverites, we know how it feels to be caught off guard by sudden or even expected snowfall. We usually enjoy a mild climate, so when snowfall occurs, we are reminded of how unprepared we truly are!

When it comes to snow removal, Vancouver residents and business owners alike need to get used to dealing with snow as it is likely becoming more of a common occurrence. Preparing for all-weather events is crucial to the success of your business. Regardless of the type of business, you must be able to welcome your customers regardless of the conditions. From snowstorms to heatwaves, adapting to these conditions shows you are a business that can be trusted by your community. It is also important to ensure the safety of employees.

By getting ahead and having a plan of action for extreme weather scenarios, as a business owner, you can reduce unnecessary disruptions and uphold your reputation as a responsible business. For snow removal, Vancouver business owners are wise to have a contractor on call to help deal with winter storms. Businesses that recognize the importance of extreme weather preparation will reap the benefits by showing their customers that you take things seriously.

Having a snow removal service on standby as a Vancouver business owner is essential for many reasons. We’ve outlined the main ones for your consideration.


After a spell of heavy snowfall, a buildup of snow and ice can leave entrances, exits, and parking lots partially or fully obstructed, making it very difficult for customers and employees to access the property. By having a reliable snow removal service on standby, you can rest assured these areas will be cleared promptly to maintain the accessibility of your property which will ensure there are no interruptions to your day.


The buildup of snow and ice can create dangerous conditions for anyone trying to travel on foot or by vehicle. Snow and ice buildup can also cause the periphery of your business to become unsafe to enter or exit. By investing in snow removal, Vancouver business owners can be confident that they are not putting their customers or employees at risk.

Business Continuity

Without a doubt, extreme winter conditions cause interruptions so having a snow removal service on standby will ensure that your business remains operational during inclement weather, helping you to avoid any loss of revenue as much as possible.

Your Reputation

Customers appreciate when companies prioritize their safety and convenience, and by consistently dealing with snow removal promptly, you are showing your commitment to customer satisfaction.


Regarding snow removal, Vancouver property owners are obliged to clear snow and ice from sidewalks and parking areas on their property as soon as possible. Any failure to comply will result in fines so a trusty snow removal service will help you to avoid any unwanted penalties.

Call Exo!

It’s a no-brainer – Exo Contracting is your best bet to help you with your snow removal needs. Our process starts with a thorough assessment to guarantee accurate snow removal. When you connect with us, a dedicated team member will meet with you to evaluate your property. This approach allows us to map out your property by identifying and marking potential obstacles, for example, curbs or other fixtures that could cause problems during or after a snowstorm. By doing this, our team ensures that our snow removal operations are conducted with care and precision by helping you to minimize disruptions.

So don’t wait until the snow starts falling—call us today and stay prepared for whatever winter brings your way!