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As winter weather finally begins to cast its icy spell across Abbotsford, residents are reminded of the challenges that lie beneath the snow-covered landscapes. Although enjoyable for many, winter storms bring a host of challenges, from treacherous pathways and blocked driveways to the added weight of snow on roofs. With the recent drops in temperature across the Lower Mainland, you may be thinking about professional snow removal. Abbotsford residents: fear not. Exo Contracting serves many cities with snow and ice removal in the Lower Mainland- including Abbotsford. Equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to tackle winter weather, we’re always on the ready. Before considering residential snow removal, here are some preparation tips from professionals.

Signs it is time for snow removal

Knowing when it’s time to bring in professional snow removal in Abbotsford is crucial for the safety and convenience of community members. One clear sign is the accumulation of snowfall, particularly after a significant storm. When snow reaches a depth that may be difficult to manage, the efficiency and expertise of professional equipment become essential. The presence of ice, especially after freezing rain, is also a clear indicator that specialized de-icing measures are needed. If attempting to remove ice without the proper equipment poses risks, it is time to call in the experts. For people with busy schedules or physical limitations, professional services offer a convenient solution. In large residential or commercial spaces with expansive driveways, the speed and thoroughness of professional snow removal ensures that accessibility is maintained efficiently, keeping everything open during harsh winter conditions. Recognizing these signs ensures that the winter landscape is navigated with safety and ease.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Thanks to quick and efficient snow removal, Abbotsford’s community instantly becomes safer and more accessible. The timely removal of snow is essential to maintain the safety and functionality of roads, sidewalks, and public spaces. Accumulated snow can quickly turn into hazardous ice leading to slips, falls, and vehicle accidents. These issues become more common in cities that have limited government snow removal responses and resources, including some areas in the Lower Mainland. Failure to promptly clear snow can disrupt daily routines, hinder transportation, and create obstacles for businesses, community centers and residents. The accumulation of snow and ice can cause structural damage and affect the integrity of roads and walkways. Proper snow removal is not just a convenience but a vital process in sustaining the safety, mobility, and overall well-being of Abbotsford community members during the winter months.

Here’s How to Prepare

Preparing your home or business for professional snow removal in Abbotsford ensures a smooth and effective process during the winter months. To begin, it is always recommended to clear the area of any obstacles or objects that could impede the snow removal equipment, such as parked cars, outdoor household items, or debris. It is also beneficial to communicate specific preferences or priorities with the snow removal team, such as prioritizing certain areas.

There is a varying duration of professional snow removal. Abbotsford residents can expect anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the snow depth and size of the area. By taking these proactive steps, you contribute to a seamless and efficient snow removal process, allowing professionals to address winter challenges with precision and care.

Seeking Snow Removal in Abbotsford? Exo Contracting Has You Covered.

Our team provides professional snow shovelling, snow plowing, snow blowing, and de-icing in Burnaby, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Richmond, BC’s surrounding areas in the times that you don’t want to. Schedule a consultation today.