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A landscaping job in Burnaby of a property can make or break its look! A well-maintained lawn or commercial property can do wonders for not only making a positive lasting impression but also helping to bring in business.

If you are in the area and looking for landscaping services in Burnaby, Burnaby residents can rely on the professional expertise of our team here at Exo Contracting for all types of landscaping services in Burnaby!

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We provide residential landscaping in Burnaby for types of homes, apartments, condos, and strata buildings. We will work with you to understand your vision and bring it to life with the idea to clean up, build, and maintaining your outdoor living space to make room for a new look and the potential possibility of using your outdoor space for a higher quality of living area.

We begin by having a design consultation or even a quick chat regarding what you are looking to have done. Our team of landscapers will visit your property and do the work you are looking to have done. This includes but is not limited to anything such as planting small trees, plants, and bushes, building and adding flower beds, sod installation, removing and clearing out any old trees or shrubs, hedging, and trimming, in addition to soil preparation.

We also offer secondary landscaping services in  Burnaby, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Richmond, BC, to further enhance your living space to add more components and functions to the area that go beyond just gardening services. We design and install inground pools and water features, install irrigation systems for the collection of rainwater and ensure water drainage efficiency, provide hardscaping services using natural stone to bring out the beauty of your garden, and even outdoor lighting to give the feeling of cozy and lit up space that not only provides safety but also adds beauty to use your outdoor area year-round. Let us set the tone for your summer evening with inspirations for great outdoor living and you can set the mood for your unique style be it building an outdoor fire pit, putting a gazebo in the area, or pulling out your barbeque pits!


Our team of experienced landscapers provides commercial landscaping in Burnaby for all types of businesses in Burnaby and the surrounding areas. Business owners, restauranteurs, banquet hall owners, shopkeepers, and even schools and manufacturing units can benefit from a well-kept and beautifully maintained exterior that not only increases curb appeal but also the value of the property while making it aesthetically pleasing for their customers.

We will work with your visions, design plan, and budget to give you a landscaping job that will have you the envy of your neighbours and business competitors. With over 16 years of providing landscaping services in Burnaby, we are licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable about the latest trends and will offer solutions based on your unique needs. Set your outdoor living space apart from the rest and contact us today for an estimate!


Exo Contracting is unique because we work with experts in every field or specialized aspect of landscape service. Our management team is a layer that manages all the project details to ensure each finely crafted aspect matches your expectations.

Contact us for your project for the right team, the best experience, and the best result.