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Landscaping Vancouver

We offer a complete range of services for your ideal landscape. We work with and manage an impressive network of experts with the ability to create your ideal garden sanctuary. Need landscaper and landscaping services in Vancouver, BC? Call 604-219-7338 for expert landscaping in Burnaby, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Richmond, BC's surrounding areas today.

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Our landscaping services include:

Soil Preparation: Our soil experts can come in and test your soil and make sure it is suitable for your plant selection. Once we test your soil, we can add the appropriate components to keep the soil productive. We provide an initial soil analysis, a diagnosis, and a process for making it rich in nutrients.

Designing and Installing Inground Pools: Water features and inground pools add a special quality to the landscape and require specific knowledge to set up and maintain. These features provide an effective and long-lasting foundation. Many times, this is where we begin. We have installed many water features and understand how to address all the challenges.

Planting Trees and Shrubs: Softscaping is where we work closely with knowledgeable horticulture professionals to determine which plants are right for your landscape and where they might best enhance your yard, or whether they should be removed.

Installing Irrigation Systems: These systems have come a long way; no longer just traditional surface irrigation systems, they can be controlled over the various planting zones and prevent over and under watering. Rain sensors and drip line systems conserve water and evenly distribute it. Our specialists can determine your exposure to sunlight, and your annual rainfall.

Building Retaining Walls: Frequently referred to as hardscape, natural stone is long-lasting and with proper care, maintains its beauty and provides a foundation. Masonry can provide the bones to your garden. Once again, good stonework is provided by a skilled team of specialists that work closely with us.

Carpentry: These structural features are a big part of your outdoor enjoyment, provide a sophisticated touch, and a location that marries comfort with the outdoors. Our builders recognize the connection and how these outdoor structures can organize your space.

Outdoor Lighting: It’s about communication. How do you want to guide your guests through the landscape? What would you like them to notice and when? We have experts on our team that work closely with our landscape architects and work with you as your space develops.

Vancouver Landscaping – Looking for Landscaping Services in Vancouver/ Surrey/ Delta/ Abbotsford/ Chilliwack/ Richmond, BC? Exo Contracting provides a wide variety of services for both residential and commercial projects. Contact us at 604-219-7338 to book a consultation.

New Construction
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The Landscape Design Process

Whether Exo Contracting in Vancouver is working on a complete landscape installation or a renovation project, from architectural drawings or from consultations with the homeowner, we can realize your dream. There is a lot of power in involving you, our customer, in the design process. Power for you to direct the execution of your dream and power for us to be better able to get your ideal result. Our team loves nothing more than to work with customers to understand their vision for their yard and who, in turn, work with us to develop a plan to bring that vision to life.

Each project begins with a full analysis of the surrounding property and may include the property owner’s vision. From there, we help that owner devise a good foundation for construction. Exo Contracting Landscaping in Vancouver, Burnaby, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Richmond, BC. is highly regarded for quality, reliability, and maintaining the highest regard for environmental factors. One of the biggest differentiators between our service and others is our use of the best materials, experience, our professional staff, our innovative solutions, and our ability to satisfy our customers, creating a landscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The Maintenance Services

With our monthly maintenance program, you don’t have to worry about keeping your yard in good condition. Our knowledgeable maintenance staff can look after your landscape and all its features so that all you need to do is enjoy it.

From Lawn mowing, pruning, and fertilization to pest control, count on us to provide ongoing yard care. We make sure your landscape is healthy and thriving. We are proactive and strive to notice what needs doing and resolve it, often before the customer is aware of the issue.

For Your Landscaping Project, Choose Exo Contracting

Exo Contracting is unique because we work with experts in every field or specialized aspect of landscape service. Our management team is a layer that manages all the project details to ensure each finely crafted aspect matches your expectations.

Contact us for your project for the right team, the best experience, and the best result.