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Have you ever considered renovating your present home or constructing a new one? Many homeowners, real estate investors, and property owners usually find out about general contractors after the designs and permit drawings are done. There is a better way to proceed. Starting off with your general contractor can save you time and money.

Reasons for Not Consulting General Contractor First

There are several reasons why most home and property owners do not speak to a general contractor before starting the planning or design process for their renovation or construction project.

First, in the past, many people found it difficult to get information from general contractors if they were still waiting to hire them. Because of this, many homeowners avoided contacting general contractors early in the process.

Moreover, reaching out to contractors too early when you are not confident about your plan may appear as unnecessary and extra work. As a result, homeowners rush to get drawings and plans ready to save time and inconveniences, thinking this will be the best way to proceed.

Additionally, designers and architects may not proactively inform their clients to consider general contractors upfront about total project costs. This is because clients can find that the project costs more than their available budget after paying for the designs and might decide to suspend or cancel it. Such a situation might result in the designer or architect losing the business.

Benefits of Contacting Exo Contracting First

Cost Estimation

The most valuable aspect of approaching us initially is gaining clarity on the project’s expense. You get transparent advice without obligation, which lets you know what path to take. Based on the limitations of funds, you can move forward with the design and start work or quit.

Expert Guidance

Your existing property can be evaluated to see if your proposed idea could best use the home or land. For example, sometimes people think they need an addition when a basement renovation is a better option. We ask the right questions to ensure you spend your money appropriately.

Professional Network

Exo Contracting has a trusted network of planning consultants, designers, architects, vendors, engineers, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning designers. We will link you with professionals who offer impartial ideas and are reputable.

Pre-Construction Insights

We can deliver information on roadblocks, the permit application process, and what to expect during the pre-construction phase, which is distinct to your project.

By contacting Exo Contracting first, you maintain control of the decisions during the pre-construction stage. Thus, informed decisions based on accurate cost estimation can be made, ensuring you can commit to a project within your financial reach. If you seek a dependable general contractor in Richmond, try our company, Exo Contracting. Transparency and honesty are placed above all else as we assist you in navigating the pre-construction stage. Call us today to discuss your house renovation or construction project, and we’ll help you jump-start your journey to a successful outcome.