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Whether you are building a house, doing renovations, or looking to hire someone who can do all general contracting services in Burnaby, it is best to reach out to a reputed general contracting company in Burnaby that has the knowledge and expertise to have all your services done under one roof overseen by a reliable contractor who can not only oversee the work, ensure that the construction crews are operating as per schedule, but also all work related to permits and local by-laws are adhered to.

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General Contractor in Burnaby

At Exo Contracting we provide an array of general contracting services in Burnaby and around the Lower Mainland.

Bin Rental

We provide bin rental service in Burnaby whether it be for a home, commercial business, or industrial setting. Suited for your disposal needs. Whether it be trash bins or bins for industrial waste or hazardous material, we will work with you to fit you with a bin that meets your needs and collect waste on time. You can count on us to get a disposal bin rental when and where you need it.

Junk Removal

As a general contractor, we also provide junk removal services in Burnaby for both residential and commercial sectors. Be it temporary junk removal for household materials such as old furniture, appliances, plywood, landscaping scraps, or general garbage, we ensure that we provide complete junk hauling services where and when you need them. For business owners, we also provide junk removal services collecting all types of waste and any hazardous materials such as kitchen oils, garbage scraps, construction waste, food waste, and anything else.

Snow Removal

As a general contractor, Burnaby residents can rely on fast and effective snow removal services for their homes and businesses. We work to clear local roads, walkways, and pathways to keep you, your family, and your clients safe around the clock with our professional snow removal vehicles.


When it comes to the construction of a home or commercial space, you need reliable excavation and demolition services in Burnaby that set your building project on the right foot promptly. We provide excavation, drilling, and demolition under the watchful guidance of an experienced general contractor Burnaby residents can trust to deliver results from beginning to end.


As your HVAC general contractor, we provide hydro-vac services in Burnaby for both residential and commercial means ensuring your home or business to keep your water, electrical, heating, and gas line connections optimal and running under the supervision of an experienced contractor.

We provide all types of general contracting services in Burnaby and are licensed, bonded, and insured. Whether it be residential general contracting or commercial general contracting, with over 16 years in the business, we provide a comprehensive variety of general contracting services for Burnaby residents as project managers and contractors to oversee your real estate and construction work at all stages.