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What is Excavation?

Excavation refers to the removal of soil or rock from a construction site, to create a stable and level foundation for construction. Using tools and equipment like shovels and bulldozers, excavating helps prepare the site to be used for a construction project, such as a building or other monument. Excavating is also a useful process at an archeological site, to uncover artifacts or other historical objects that may be of importance or interest.

Excavation is the first step in a construction project and some companies are excavation experts and Richmond’s Exo Contracting is one of them. Here’s our guide on its purpose and why excavation is so important.

For starters, excavation prepares a site for building and is a vital step in the construction process. Excavation sets the foundation for the rest of the project, and can either make or break the project. If not done properly, poor excavation can lead to structural damages such as instability, water damage, and other damages that may be costly to repair. The excavation process includes an inspection of the site to ensure that the process is carried out properly and the right amount of material is removed. This is done through our advanced equipment and tools such as lasers and global positioning systems (GPS).

Once the process is complete, the site is ready for construction. Further work takes place after excavation, like grading, laying the foundation for the building, and installing utilities. Grading is a process that includes reshaping and leveling the construction site and making sure the leveling is good enough to prevent water from collecting on the surface or eroding the soil. The foundation is then laid providing support for the rest of the structure and ensuring its weight is distributed evenly. Once this has been done, utilities such as water, sewer, and electrical lines are installed.

When it comes to excavation, Richmond’s Exo Contracting takes the time to ensure the site is well-prepared and ready for subsequent processes. Our expert team of contractors takes extra care to minimize and eliminate potential problems, and they complete the project successfully.

There are different kinds of excavations, in addition to the ones mentioned above, like grading and site preparation. Some other common types of excavations include trenching which is important for installing utilities and involves digging narrow trenches. Drilling and blasting are important for larger projects that require the removal of bigger or larger amounts of rocks and other materials disturbing a construction site. Roadway excavations are critical to road safety and ensure roads are prepared for construction. Lastly, dredging helps in the creation of new land or better navigation of waterways by eliminating dirt and debris from the water.

Any excavation project requires a good contracting company. Luckily, with excavation, Richmond prides itself on serving the community with the best of the best, Exo Contracting. We are happy to say we have years of service and experience under our belt. Our experts will work with you every step of the way, ensuring your project needs are met. Excavation in Richmond can be a hard project to undertake if you are new to it, so reach out to our team so we can get you started!