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Completing your home renovation projects is a messy and labour-intensive endeavour. During these projects, it is inevitable that a lot of junk and garbage will build up and need to be removed from the home and then be safely disposed of. This can consume precious time if you are stuck taking many trips to the dump by car or small pick-up truck.  Using your vehicle for these dump runs can ruin vehicle interiors and expose your family to potentially hazardous materials. Physically filling the vehicle with load after a load of garbage and junk can be a lot of backbreaking work. Not only that but the gas costs add up as you take multiple heavy loads of junk back and forth to the dump.

You may find yourself in a cluttered and unsafe working environment as you pile up junk around the site until you can load it up and take a trip to dispose of it.

One amazing way to get around all of these issues is to choose a bin rental in Vancouver from a reputable company. Renovations can quickly become easier as you can pile all your junk in one convenient and well-contained place. All junk in one place means you are not tripping over random piles of debris and your work site stays cleaner and safer to work in. While using the bin to get rid of renovation junk you can choose to maximize the rental by doing a deep cleaning of closets and the garage to get rid of any other junk or material from in the home and around the property.

Bin rentals are a great way to save hassle, time and money, especially when a highly regarded company will offer the first week free for the bin. You will only need to pay the delivery and disposal fees if you have the bin for less than 7 days. This makes the bin rental in Vancouver affordable for even the smallest 1-2 day jobs that you may have. A smaller bin can hold as much as 3 regular truck-loads of junk and a larger bin can carry as many as 14 trucks worth of junk. The time that would save going back and forth alone makes it worth it.

When you book your bin rental in Vancouver online you can get as early as same-day or next-day delivery so you can start your project right away with a great junk solution at hand. You can fill the bins with all residential and commercial junk with a few limitations on hazardous materials.

The whole process is easy from start to finish. You will book your bin, and it will be delivered promptly, you fill the bin and schedule pick up any day of the week and the company will pick the bin up within a few hours and take it to the dump to be disposed of appropriately.

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