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Remove Junk from Renovations

One of the most important ways to ensure your construction or remodelling site is safe and organized is to quickly and efficiently remove the debris that builds up. The whole process can run more efficiently when free of all the built-up material.

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Keep Your renovation Free from Junk

Homeowners and builders find it difficult to navigate the debris a build or renovation site creates. If and when your site receives a construction site inspection, removing the debris from the site makes the inspection go more smoothly. Having Exo Contractors show up for a one-time clean-up or periodic waste removal at different times during the job keeps the construction site moving efficiently and safely.

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Construction Waste Removal Services

Exo Contracting will come out to your location, size up the situation, and bring whatever is necessary to remove debris, clean up your site, and rent the right bin. We’ll ensure all the remodelling debris is cleared and sorted out for the most environmentally friendly solution.

Any construction site can be overwhelming when it comes to the junk that can be generated by renovation. Our team has all the equipment and bins to take on the job and clean things up quickly so you can continue your project with clarity.

Our team can talk with you about your project. We’re easy to work with and can provide expert guidance to organize the job. We can help clarify the job by removing all the junk that makes the construction site less efficient. We remove debris from your renovation, so you don’t have to sort through a confusing accumulation of unused stuff.

We manage as we go. We sort through everything to determine whether it is recyclable or should be donated for reuse. Once we determine the scope of the project, we’ll get to removing it fast and efficiently.

All you need to do is call, and we’ll remove anything you need and figure out where it should go. We’ll take it away, whether junk, garbage, waste, or electronic waste disposal. We’ll also take appliances, furniture, yard waste, mattresses, hot tubs, scrap metal, or whatever has been hoarded. We even handle hazardous materials.

Any debris resulting from new builds and renovations, we’ll use our equipment and bins to haul it away, leaving your work site neat and tidy.

container Overflowing Dumpster being full with garbage
Truck Loading A Full Recycling Container Trash Dumpsters Being W

A Clean Site is an Organized Site

Once we remove all that unusable stuff, your space is left clean and tidy. You’ll have more space to live or work, and navigating through will be much safer. With less clutter comes less stress and clearer thinking.

A clean construction site is not just easier to maneuver through, but it is also a lot safer.

Exo Contracting is committed to eco-friendly practices. That, along with our flexible scheduling, ability to always be where you need us, when you need us, and our affordable pricing, set us apart from other junk removal companies.

Exo Contracting is the Right Choice

Contact Exo Contractors for your junk removal project. You’ll notice our competitive rates, but that will never reflect on our lightning-fast service and eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to the Greater Vancouver area is reflected in our 5-star rating with companies over major networks like Google Business, Facebook, and Yelp. Exo Contractors are locally owned and operated.

Our services include excavation, trucking, snow and ice removal, bin rental, junk removal, and demolition.